Forms phpBB premium extension allows you to generate structured forms instead of default text method to create topics.

phpBB Forms Extension

Collect and organize data yourself or lead your members while they create review, report, request, application or any kind of structured content.

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phpBB Forms extension allows you to gather structured data using forms. Explore all the features that enable you to manage event registration, conduct a survey or help your members be more confident while they create new topics.

Matches your case

Whether you use your board to solicit data, entertain with a test, play a text game or your members write reviews, reports, requests or applications, this extension helps you with any use case.


Drag'n'drop editor

Intuitive visual editor with preview capability gives you absolute convenience and confidence while creating or editing the forms.


Replace or link

Replace the posting page altogether, or link to the special URL when user responses should be stored in the hidden forum. Even guests can fill in the form that way!


Wide variety of inputs

Text, number, url or email fields, large textareas, selects, checkboxes, radio groups, HTML-enabled text blocks, even CAPTCHA. Required, max length, placeholder, description. You manage the requirements down to the last detail.


Yes, updating the data after submission is supported. In the same format, of course!

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