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Application form

Collect all the required data from your applicants without missing anything.

How can you do this?

  1. Create a new form in ACP -> Extensions -> Forms.
  2. Select a forum where you want to collect the applications. Usually, you want the forum to be hidden so team-only discussion can be performed before the final decision.
  3. Choose a nice form URL to give it more credibility (extended and reseller license only).
  4. Compose the form:
    1. Use Paragraph on top to inform all the applicants about the terms and conditions. You can also include some positive words to encourage them to fill in the form (as it may be long!)
    2. Utilize Text Field to gather necessary personal data such as name, location, etc.
    3. Make use of Select/Radio to collect predefined values like seniority and others.
    4. If applicable, use Text Field of type URL to gather user URL.
    5. Finally, use Text Area to let user write down the motivation or other important information.
  5. Build a form template. For the best reading experience, just stack the [b]input name[/b]: input value below each other with Text Area value as last because it can contain multiple lines.
  6. Save the form. Grab the form URL and post it where your applicants usually are. A good place can be in a menu, a global announcement, the Board Announcements extension or Mass notification extension.

Let's create some forms now.

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