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Collect data

Manage event registration, conduct a survey or entertain with a test.

How can you do this?

  1. Create a new form in ACP -> Extensions -> Forms.
  2. Select a forum where you want to collect the responses. Usually, you want the forum to be hidden so only you (or your team) can analyze/postprocess the data.
  3. Make sure to set Replace posting page to No to ensure even users who don't have permission to post into the forum can participate.
  4. Compose the form:
    1. Use Paragraph on top to give your users an intro, rules or any kind of other important information. You can use multiple Paragraphs throughout the form if you see fit.
    2. If users aren't required to be registered, collect email and/or tel using designated Text Field types.
    3. For the rest of the form, use your creativity! Don't forget to use every available input type to guide your users as much as possibe. For example use URL Text Field type to collect links, Radio Group to select from one of predefined options, etc.
  5. Build a form template. For the best reading experience, just stack the [b]input name[/b]: input value below each other. But you can also compose a table or any other template that will make it easy and fast to scan the data.
  6. Save the form. Grab the form URL and post it where your potential participants usually are. A good place can be in a menu, a global announcement, the Board Announcements extension or Mass notification extension.
  7. Wait for the responses to come and process the data. Note that the data are always linked to the registered participant which may help you a lot with deep-understanding of the response.

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