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Lead your users to create valuable and comprehensive reviews effortlessly.

How can you do this?

  1. Create a new form in ACP -> Extensions -> Forms.
  2. Select a forum where you want to collect the reviews. Most probably, you want the forum to be public so users can read each others reviews.
  3. Consider setting Replace posting page to Yes to help your reviewers write more comprehensive reviews.
  4. Compose the form:
    1. Use Paragraph on top to educate your users on how to write good review.
    2. Use Text Field to let user write down the reviewed title or use Select for predefined set of allowed titles.
    3. Utilize Select/Radio for rating on scale 1-5. Use Explanation field to describe what every value means. Optionally, mark the input required to ensure every review contains a rating.
      Pro tip: Use title and rating as topic title.
    4. If applicable, use Text Field of type URL to link the review to IMDB/goodreads/etc.
    5. Use Select with multiple options for categorizing the review with tags such as genre, length, etc.
    6. Use Radio to mark review containing spoilers.
    7. Finally, use Text Area to let user write down review details. You can also split this to multiple textareas with specific content such as pros, cons, characters, music, etc. Usually, at least one textarea should be required.
  5. Build a form template. For the best reading experience, just stack the [b]input name[/b]: input value below each other with Text Area values as last because they can contain multiple lines.
  6. Save the form. New topic buttons in the selected forum will automatically display the form if you enabled Replace posting page. Otherwise, copy the form link and paste it to your menu or announcement.

Let's create some forms now.

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