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Support template

Gather all the information at once. No follow-up questions needed anymore!

How can you do this?

  1. Create a new form in ACP -> Extensions -> Forms.
  2. Select a forum where you want to collect the support requests. Usually, you want the forum to be publicly visible so others can search for solutions before posting new request.
  3. Make sure to set Replace posting page to Yes to ensure no-one bypasses the form.
  4. Compose the form:
    1. Use Paragraph on top to ensure your users that you are here for them while they struggle.
    2. Utilize Select/Radio for product version, OS, and/or other information with predefined values. Use Explanation field to help them find the information. Make the inputs required to ensure you don't need to ask follow-up questions.
    3. If applicable, use Text Field of type URL to gather user URL.
    4. Make use of Text Field of type Date(time) to collect time information of the last incident.
    5. Use Radio for Yes/No questions that help you narrow down the problem.
    6. If users aren't required to be registered, collect email and/or tel using designated Text Field types.
    7. Finally, use Text Area to let user describe the problem in detail. Be sure to mark it optional.
  5. Build a form template. For the best reading experience, just stack the [b]input name[/b]: input value below each other with Text Area value as last because it can contain multiple lines.
  6. Save the form. New topic buttons in the selected forum will automatically display the form.

Let's create some forms now.

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